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Welcome to the Prostate Cancer Cell Lines Database

Welcome to the BC Cancer Research Centre's Prostate Cancer Cell Line Database. On this site you'll find forms to submit new cell lines, search and/or browse information about established cell lines and edit or add new information to existing cell lines. All submissions are reviewed before being posted to the site. We hope you find that the resources available here provide valuable information regarding the cell lines used in your research. Feedback and comments are encouraged. Please contact us as indicated above. This site has been established and maintained through funding from Health Canada.

If you would like to download our most recent version of the database in excel format, click here.

Database Stats

  Total Cell Lines: 114
Cell Lines Added in past 30 Days: 0

5 Most Recent Cell Lines

« LNCaP-Rf - Tissue Culture Line
« BM18 - Patient Material
« pRNS-1-1/ras - Tissue Culture Line
« RC58T/hTERT - Patient Material
« PPC-1 - Patient Material

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